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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


This document constitutes an adhesion contract for the use of the Internet page www.fair-supply.com (hereinafter "Website" and / or "Website") hereinafter "Fair Supply" and / or "the Company"), in it’ capacity as responsible and on the other, the User, subjecting both parties to the provisions of this document.

In order to offer security and certainty to our users, we have established the Terms and Conditions to which the responsibilities and rights of both Fair Supply and the User must be subject.


By entering and using this Internet portal, identified with the domain name www.fair-supply.com, property of Fair Supply, the User is accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use contained in this contract and declares expressly its acceptance using electronic means for this purpose, in terms of the provisions of article 1803 and other related items of the Federal Civil Code.

The User must read, understand and accept all the terms and conditions established in this document and others incorporated by reference, prior to their registration and purchase as a user at ww.fair-supply.com and is subject to them. For any questions or clarification you can send an email to info@fair-supply.com

For the purposes of this contract, the parties agree that "User" will be understood as any person of any nature who enters the website www.fair- supply.mx and / or any of the subpages that display its content and / or the person of any nature who registers and / or uses any of the services offered through said page.

In case of not fully and completely accepting the Terms and Conditions of this contract, the User must refrain from accessing, using and observing the Website and / or any other service offered by Fair Supply.

In the event that the User accesses, uses and observes the Site, it will be considered as an absolute and express acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use stipulated herein, the other documents incorporated therein by reference, as well as the applicable laws and regulations. in accordance with current legislation for the use of the Website.

Fair Supply will not keep an individualized copy of the present agreement between the User and the Company, so the User is recommended to keep a copy of these Terms and Conditions of Use for their own records.

In the event that the User violates what is expressed in these Terms and Conditions of Use, Fair Supply may cancel its use, as well as exclude the User from future operations, and / or take the legal action that it deems appropriate for their interests.


USE OF THE SITE www.fair-supply.com

The User and Fair Supply agree that:

  • In order to use the Website, the User must be at least 18 years of age or be accessing under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.
  • Fair Supply grants a non-transferable and revocable license to use the Website, by virtue of the Terms and Conditions of Use described, for the purpose of purchasing personal items sold on the same Page. The User may only print and / or copy any information and / or image contained or published on the website www.fair-supply.com exclusively for personal use, therefore the commercial use of said information is expressly and strictly prohibited. In case of being a legal person, it will be subject to the provisions of article 148, section IV of the Federal Copyright Law. The reprint, publication, distribution, assignment, sublicense, sale, electronic reproduction or by any other means, partial or total, of any information, image, document or graphic that appears on the website www.fair-supply, for any use other than Non-commercial personnel is expressly prohibited to the User, unless it has the prior written authorization of Fair Supply. Any violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use will lead to the immediate revocation of the license granted in this section, without prior notice.
  • Certain services and related features that may be available on www.fair-supply.com may require registration or subscription. The User acknowledges that, by providing personal information, he grants Fair Supply the authorization indicated in article 109 of the Federal Copyright Law. If the User decides to register or subscribe to any of these services or related functions, the User agrees to provide accurate and up-to-date information about himself, and to promptly update that information if there is any change.
  • Each Site User is solely responsible for keeping passwords and other account identifiers secure. The account holder is fully responsible for all activities that occur under his password or account. On the other hand, the User must notify the Company of any unauthorized use of their password or account. In no way will Fair Supply be liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the User's failure to comply with this section.
  • During the registration process, the User agrees to receive promotional emails from www.fair-supply.com. However, you can subsequently opt out of receiving such promotional emails by clicking the link at the bottom of any promotional email.
  • Fair Supply reserves the right to block access or partially or totally remove any information, communication or material that in its sole judgment may be: i) abusive, defamatory or obscene; ii) fraudulent, contrived or deceptive; iii) violation of copyrights, trademarks, confidentiality, industrial secrets or any intellectual property rights of a third party; iv) offensive or; v) that in any way contravenes the provisions of this contract.
  • Fair Supply does not presume that the content of its Page can be legally viewed outside of the United Mexican States. Access to content may not be legal for certain people or in certain countries. If the User has access to the content from outside the United Mexican States, he does so at his own risk and is responsible for compliance with the laws within the jurisdiction in which the User is located.
  • Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate the security of the Website and affiliated Fair Supply Websites; The User is prohibited from: (a) accessing data to which the User is not authorized to use or log in to a server or to an account to which the User does not have authorized access; (b) attempt to examine, scan or test the vulnerability of a computer system or network or breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization; (c) attempt to interfere with the use of any other User, hosting service or network, including, without limitation, transmitting a virus to the Website or to Fair Supply's affiliated websites; cause such sites to be saturated by "flooding", "spamming", "mailbombing" or "crashing"; (d) sending unsolicited emails, including promotions and / or advertising of products or services, or; (e) falsify any TCP / IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or newsgroup posting.
  • The User acknowledges that violations of the computer system or network security may generate civil or criminal liability. Fair Supply will investigate situations that may involve such violations and reserves the right to report such actions to authorities; The Company will cooperate with the competent authority in the investigation of said violations in the terms established in the applicable legislation.
  • For the proper entry to the Site, Users must have the necessary equipment and facilities for their connection to the Internet (computer, telephone, modem, programs, etc.), with the use of these equipment being their total responsibility.
  • Fair Supply is exempt from any responsibility that occurs due to interruptions or suspensions of the Internet access service caused by the failure in the telecommunications system, in the electricity supply, acts of God or force majeure or an action of third parties that may disable the computers that provide access to the network.
  • Therefore, Fair Supply is not responsible for any damage, loss or loss to the User caused by failures in the system, the server or the Internet. The Company will not be responsible for any virus that could infect the User's equipment as a result of accessing, using or examining the Site or as a result of any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio contained therein. Users may NOT impute any responsibility or demand payment of damages, due to technical difficulties or failures in the systems or on the Internet. Fair Supply does not guarantee continued or uninterrupted access and use of the Site. The system may eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or for any other circumstance beyond the Company's control; In such cases, an attempt will be made to restore it as quickly as possible without any kind of liability being attributed to it. Fair Supply will not be responsible for any errors or omissions contained on the Site.



Fair Supply acknowledges that it is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, on the site www.Fair-supply.com, including but not limited to: projects, software , source code, graphics, photographs, videos, images, music, sound, texts, logos, trademarks, domain names, trade names and data included in the Website www.Fair-supply.com. The entire content of our page is also protected by copyright as a collective work under Mexican copyright laws and international conventions. All rights reserved.

Users are advised that such rights are protected by current Mexican and international legislation regarding Intellectual and Industrial Property and Copyright.

The copying, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, commercialization, license, shipment, disclosure, public communication and / or any other action that generates an infringement of current Mexican or international legislation on intellectual and / or industrial property is prohibited. as well as the use of the contents of the Site without the express and written authorization of Fair Supply.

In the event that the User transmits to Fair Supply any information, programs, applications, software or in general any material that requires to be licensed through the Website www.Fair-supply.com, the User hereby grants Fair Supply a Perpetual, universal, free, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license, which includes the rights to sublicense, sell, reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works, display and perform them publicly.

What is established in the previous paragraph will also apply to any other information that the User sends or transmits to Fair Supply, including, without limitation, questions, criticisms, comments and suggestions to renew or improve the Website, whether these have been included in any space of the indicated page or by virtue of other means or modes of transmission known or that will be developed in the future. In addition, when the User sends comments or criticisms to the web, it also grants Fair Supply the right to use the name that the User sends, within the framework of said review, comment, or any other content.

Therefore, the User expressly waives in this act to carry out any action, demand or claim against Fair Supply, its affiliates or suppliers for any current or eventual violation of any Copyright or Intellectual Property derived from the information, programs, applications, software, ideas and other material that the User himself sends to the website www.Fair-supply.com.

In case of considering that any content published on the Website is a violation of intellectual or industrial property rights, the User may make a notification by contacting the Fair Supply Customer Service center. The User will have to indicate: i) true personal data (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the claimant); ii) autograph signature with the personal data of the owner of the intellectual property rights; iii) precise and complete indication of the content (s) protected by the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed, as well as the location of said violations on the aforementioned website; iv) express and clear statement that the introduction of the content (s) indicated (s) has been made without the consent of the owner of the intellectual property rights allegedly infringed; v) express, clear statement under the responsibility of the claimant that the information provided in the notification is accurate and that the introduction of the content (s) constitutes a violation of said rights.

The Website contains links to third party websites. These links are provided only as an advantage of the Website for the User and do not imply that Fair Supply has approved the content of such third party websites. Fair Supply is not responsible for the content of linked third party websites and makes no representations regarding the content or accuracy of the material on such third party sites. If the User decides to have access to third-party websites through these links, he does so at his own risk and responsibility.



The User acknowledges and accepts that some parts of the Website may contain information, images, advertisements and other advertising or promotional material of third-party sponsors and advertisers (hereinafter "Advertising Material"). Advertisers and sponsors are responsible for ensuring that Advertising Material submitted for inclusion on the Website complies with relevant laws and regulatory codes. Fair Supply is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in advertising materials.

Likewise, the User acknowledges and accepts in this act that said Advertising Material is protected by the applicable laws on intellectual and industrial property.



Fair Supply acts as a distributor of manufacturers or wholesale distributors who guarantee that the products that are marketed on the www.Fair-supply.com website function correctly and do not present defects or hidden defects that may make them dangerous or unsuitable for normal use. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the use that each User makes of the products is their sole responsibility, without any liability of Fair Supply.

The duration of the contractual warranty is clearly detailed on the product page of each item and is issued and endorsed by the manufacturer or supplier of each product.

No User may request a broader guarantee than the one indicated there. In such cases, Fair Supply will not be obliged to respond for said guarantees, nor to collect the damaged product (s).

The warranty will lose its validity in case of defects or deterioration caused by external factors, accidents, especially electrical accidents, wear, improper use, or installation and use not in accordance with the instructions of the supplier or manufacturer.

Products transported, modified or repaired by the User or any other person not authorized by Fair Supply are excluded from the guarantee. The guarantee will not be applicable to apparent defects and product conformity defects, for which any claim must be made by the User in question within 7 (s) calendar days following delivery of the products.



The product information, photographs or videos, trademarks or distinctive signs that represent our products have been worked with the greatest detail and with a high level of quality to represent our products in the best possible way. Fair Supply cannot guarantee that the products you receive will look exactly the same as you see on your mobile device or computer as the colors may present variations and / or details that are beyond the scope of Fair Supply. 


Fair Supply will inform the Users subscribed to the newsletter, by e-mail, of all future promotions and opportunities, with the respective dates and conditions.

The promotions will have specific Terms and Conditions, and Users interested in participating will be responsible for reading and understanding these terms and conditions.

Fair Supply coupons cannot be combined with other coupons from the same store.

Credits generated by Fair Supply promotional actions (coupons, etc.) may be exchanged exclusively for physical products marketed on theWebsite www.Fair-supply.com. Credits cannot be exchanged for other credits.


Referral Program "Refer a friend prelaunch campaign" is a brand pre-launch program where each user can register and share their Name and Email located at the following URL: https: // fair-supply.com/pages/refer-a-friend-pre-launch-campaign 

The user will be able to share a unique link that is sent to him once he makes his registration in the form to be able to share it through his social networks. This link generated exclusively for each user has the objective that their contacts and friends can register in our Referral Program. 

The User will be able to achieve different prizes or rewards as he succeeds in getting his friends or contacts to register successfully.

Viral Loops is the platform that manages the Fair Supply referral campaign. This platform will review all those participants with fraud alerts and if deemed necessary, your User can be removed from the campaign if any type of fraud risk is detected for Fair Supply.

The rewards go up as each user registers, they vary from discounts or T-Shirts for women or men of any color available in the Fair Supply collections respecting the following order:

  1. For 5 friends or contacts registered through the league unique of each User will be able to obtain a discount of 40% on their first purchase.
  2. For 10 friends or contacts registered through each User's unique link, you can get a 60% discount on your first purchase.
  3. For 20 friends or contacts registered through the unique league of each User you can get 1 (one) gift T-Shirt for men in white, black, navy blue or Oxford gray with round neck or for women in white, black , nude or light gray with a round neck or V neck.
  4. For 30 friends or contacts registered through each User's unique league, you can get 2 (two) gift T-Shirt for men in white, black, navy blue or gray. Oxford with a round neck or for women in white, black, nude or light gray with a round neck or V neck.
  5. For 50 friends or contacts registered through the unique league of each User, you can get 4 (four) T-Shirts as a gift for men in white, black, navy blue or Oxford gray with a round neck or for women in white, black, nude or light gray with a round neck or V neck.

Discounts may be used once the launch of the Fair Supply online store. In case of any doubt, you can send an email to info@fair-supply.com

The T-Shirt (s) will be sent between April and May 2021 to our registered users, having reached 20, 30 or 50 successful registrations of their referrals during the month of February 2021, the duration of the pre-relaunch campaign.

Each winning user will be contacted personally by Fair Supply's Customer Service team specifically through the emails info@fair-supply.com or, failing that, info@fairsupply.com.mx to thank them for their participation, generate an order to send your rewards, delivery of a unique link where you can register your shipping address in case you do not receive it at the end of the campaign and / or any matter related to your or your rewards achieved. 


In order to make the purchase of the products, the User must make the payment of the selected products, taxes and corresponding shipping costs through the payment service providers that Fair Supply makes available to the User on the Website . The User may only buy products through the Website to be delivered to an address within the territory of the United Mexican States.

Once the purchase has been made by the User, through the implicit acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use, Fair Supply will send an e-mail to the User informing the details of the purchase made.



The payment of the products purchased on the Site may be made by any of the means of payment offered by the Site, these being, among others: credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal). The list of payment methods offered may be subject to change at any time without prior notice to Users.

Payment by credit card or any other means of online payment must be made on the Site.

The order number that is assigned when carrying out the transaction on the Site does not imply acceptance of the transaction. In case of having any problem with his order, the User will be communicated by email or by telephone.

Fair Supply will send the purchase confirmation via email. Only after payment confirmation will the products be released for delivery to the delivery address indicated by the User.

Fair Supply reserves the right to request official documents from its customers, as a means of validating the process of purchasing products through the Site.

In case of ignorance on the part of the Banking Institution corresponding to the charges made by the corresponding User through credit card and derived from operations carried out on the Site, Fair Supply reserves the right to initiate the corresponding legal actions and establish the criminal or civil responsibilities as the case may be or of any other nature, as well as to carry out all those internal actions that may range from recharging the credit card of said User to the final removal of the User from the Site, to which will not require prior authorization from the User.



Fair Supply reserves the right to accept, refuse, cancel or hold any order you place with us. Once we’ve received your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email that indicates the order number and contains information about the details of your order and the expected delivery timeline.

All the prices of the products indicated through the Website include VAT and other taxes that may correspond to them. However, these prices do not include the costs corresponding to the shipment of the products, which will be detailed separately in each order and must be accepted and paid, prior to shipment, directly and exclusively by the User.

The User must consider that there are cases in which an order cannot be processed for various reasons. In that sense, Fair Supply reserves the right to deny or cancel any order for any reason, at any time. In addition, it must be clear that the User can be asked for additional information, even before accepting the order.

Fair Supply will provide the most accurate pricing information for Users, however, certain errors may still occur, such as cases where the price of an item is not displayed correctly on the Website. As such, the Company reserves the right to deny or cancel any order. In the event that the price of an item is incorrect, Fair Supply may, at its discretion, contact the User to request instructions or cancel the order and notify him of such cancellation. It is worth mentioning that Fair Supply will have the right to cancel such orders, whether or not the order has been confirmed and paid.


Our lead time is 3 to 7 business days on average starting from the day the payment is received. Unforeseen acts of nature beyond our control, COVID-19, force majeure or problems of the delivering company may cause a delay, for which Fair Supply may not be held responsible. 


All the products offered on the Site are subject to stock and availability, so the delivery time may vary with prior notice from us, or the cancellation of the order and the refund of the charges of the User in case.

If the delivery time offered is not to the satisfaction of the User, the cancellation of the order can be requested.



Fair Supply will send the products purchased by the User to the address specified by the User for this purpose as long as said address is within the coverage area communicated by Fair Supply.

The delivery time starts from the confirmation of payment by the bank, online payment platform, or Fair Supply Credit department.

The products will be sent and delivered to the User by third parties as 99Minutos, DHL, Estafeta, Fedex, Segmail and others. (hereinafter "Transport Companies"). By virtue of the foregoing, the User agrees to submit to the delivery and delivery of the products to the delivery policies of the Transport Companies themselves, which are incorporated by reference to these Terms and Conditions of Use.

The term described on the Site is an estimate. In this way, it is possible that such terms change for reasons of logistics and force majeure. In the event that due to any fortuitous event or force majeure that may delay the delivery of the products purchased on the Site, Fair Supply will be exempt from any liability at all times.

In the event that the User has not received the products within the period declared by Fair Supply, they must contact the Company through the customer service center.

The cost of the freight will be added to the value of the merchandise purchased and will be calculated and informed to the User before confirming the purchase. The cost of the freight may depend on factors such as the total weight of the merchandise, the distance and the type of delivery, and may be modified by Fair Supply at any time without prior authorization from the User.

At the time of delivery, the person who receives the merchandise will be asked for an official identification (voter's credential, passport, FM2 immigration form or driver's license), so it is required to have this document on hand at the delivery of the buys.

Fair Supply suggests that the User verify the integrity and quality of the products received at the time of delivery. If the User is not satisfied with the products, they are asked not to receive the delivery from the Transporting Company and to immediately contact the Fair Supply customer service center.



The User may cancel the purchase of Products made through the Website, as long as the Products purchased have not left the Fair Supply offices. In the event that the Products have already been sent by Fair Supply, the User will not be able to cancel the purchase made, and will have to follow the procedure presented in the "Returns" section of these Terms and Conditions. The User may check the status of the purchase made through the My Orders section of the User's Account or by contacting the Fair Supply customer service center. In the event of cancellation of the purchase made by the User, the amount paid by the User will be refunded in accordance with the "Refunds" section of these Terms and Conditions.



Return Conditions: 

The User may return the products purchased through the Website, as long as:

  • Request the return within 5 calendar days following the delivery date OR, exclusively for cases of defective products, within the term warranty specified for the products purchased.
  • The product (s) are in the same conditions in which they were delivered to the User and are, as far as possible, with the original packaging and labeling, or alternatively in a similar format that guarantees the return in perfect condition.


Return Process: 

The return process of the Products will be as follows:

  • The User must contact the Fair Supply customer service center within the established period requesting the return of the products and providing, name and surname, order number, names of products to be returned, address in which the products will be collected. In the event that the return is due to the fact that the product (s) are defective or it is a different product from the one purchased through the Website, the User must also express said circumstance, as well as mention, where appropriate, the defects of the products, (hereinafter the "Return Request").
  • Once the Return Request is approved, Fair Supply may send the User a guide for shipping through the corresponding Transport Company, as well as schedule the date on which the Transport Company will collect the products from the address provided by the User.
  • The User must pack the product in its original box or packaging, print and deliver the guide, as well as the Products in their original packaging or box, to the Transport Company on the date programmed for that purpose.



If the payment was made by debit or credit card, the refund will be made through a chargeback on the same card that was used. Any refund that applies will be made by the same means of payment used in the original purchase.

The User will be reimbursed the cost of the returned products.

Fair Supply is not and will not be responsible for the expenses incurred by those returns that occur without respecting the steps established in the procedure presented in the "Returns" section.

Term for refunds in case of cancellation

In case of cancellation of the purchase made by the User in accordance with the section "Cancellation of the purchase of the products" of these Terms and Conditions, Fair Supply must request a refund from the User for the entirety of the amount paid by the User within the following 7 calendar days from the date of the cancellation of the User's purchase.

Term for refunds in case of return 

Once the products returned by the User have been received, Fair Supply will review the returned products.

In the event that the products received by Fair Supply comply with the characteristics established in point 2 of the "Return Conditions" section, the Company will have the obligation to return the money paid by the User within 7 calendar days from the day the Fair Supply received the returned products.



The User assumes responsibility for all costs, fees, taxes and demands arising from the use of this Website. The access data communicated to the User for their profile has been designed exclusively for personal use, and must be treated with confidentiality. The User must change their passwords regularly. All transactions made through the profile account will be imputed to the owner of the relevant profile account, and will be binding.

The User is liable without limitation for direct and indirect damages, as well as consequential damages, that could be caused by gross negligence or illegal intention.


The User must send a billing request to the Company's customer service center 24 hours from when the purchase was made. Invoice requests for purchases that do not fall within this period will not proceed.   

When requesting the invoice it will be necessary for the User to have on hand and provide the following fiscal requirements:

  • RFC with Homoclave
  • Full name
  • Fiscal address including street, neighborhood, delegation or municipality, state and postal code
  • Form of Payment (cash, electronic funds transfers, personal checks or debit, credit, service cards or so-called electronic purses authorized by the Tax Administration Service)
  • Indicate at least the last 4 digits of your payment account
  • E-mail where the invoice will arrive
  • Once the corresponding invoice has been issued, Fair Supply will not be able to re-invoice or issue subsequent invoices.



Fair Supply does not intentionally sell to minors, so parents and guardians are encouraged to carry out the activities of purchasing products or registering on the Website themselves.

Parents or guardians of minors will be responsible for the acts carried out by them in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use, including damages caused to third parties, actions carried out by them and that are prohibited by law and by the provisions of this agreement, without prejudice to the responsibility of the User, provided that he or she was not the parent or legal representative of the minor offender.



The User in this act undertakes to indemnify and remove Fair Supply and its subsidiaries, parent, shareholders, directors, employees, officers, directors and agents in peace and safety from any actions, procedures, responsibilities, demands, claims, losses , responsibilities, damages, costs, damages, expenses and costs, as well as the expenses, costs and fees of lawyers and external consultants that are derived or are related to the violation by the User of: (i) these Terms and Conditions , and / or (ii) any laws, rules, decrees or regulations in force.

Fair Supply reserves the right to assume the defense and control of any matter or claim that implies or could imply the payment of compensation associated with any breach of the User. The User agrees to cooperate with Fair Supply in the development of the relevant defenses.



Fair Supply may at any time and when it deems appropriate, without the need to notify the User, make corrections, additions, improvements or modifications to the content, presentation, information, services, areas, bases of data and other elements of said site, without this giving rise or right to any claim or compensation, nor that this implies recognition of any responsibility in favor of the User.



The Company, as well as the User, acknowledge that the Terms and Conditions are of unlimited validity, and will enter into force as of their publication on the Site.

Fair Supply reserves the right to make changes to this document without prior notice. For this reason, Fair Supply recommends that the User regularly re-read this document, so that they are always kept informed of any changes. Alterations to the contract will become effective immediately after their publication on the Site. Once the modifications have been made, it will be presumed that the User who continues to use the Site will have full knowledge, will have read and consented to the amended Terms and Conditions. In the event that the User does not accept the modified terms and conditions, they must stop using the Website.

Fair Supply may at any time suspend access to the Website and / or terminate these Terms and Conditions. The termination of these Terms and Conditions will not imply in any case for Fair Supply that it must indemnify the User. 



These Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as the additional terms, constitute the entire agreement between the parties, and supersede any other agreement or contract previously entered into. Any clause or provision of this contract, as well as the additional terms, legally declared invalid, will be eliminated or modified at the option of Fair Supply, in order to correct its defect or defect. However, the rest of the clauses or provisions will maintain their force, obligation and validity.



From time to time, Fair Supply may revise, update and / or add to the Terms and Conditions of Use of this contract additional provisions related to specific areas or new services that are provided on or through the Website www.Fair-supply.com, which will be published in the specific areas or new services of said site for reading and acceptance. The User acknowledges and accepts that said additional terms form an integral part of this contract for all legal purposes that may arise.



These Terms and Conditions of Use will be interpreted and governed by current legislation in Mexico, Federal District, waiving the application of the Convention on the International Sale of Goods.



The rights granted to the User must be considered as personal rights and the User may not assign or transmit them, nor authorize any third party to use them in any way. Fair Supply may fully or partially assign its rights and / or obligations under its charge to any third party, subsidiary or controller of Fair Supply without prior authorization from the User. By virtue of said assignment, Fair Supply will be released from any obligation in favor of the User, established in this contract.



The inactivity by Fair Supply, its affiliates or suppliers to exercise any right or action derived from this contract, at no time shall be interpreted as a waiver of said rights or actions.



The User agrees to indemnify Fair Supply, its affiliates, suppliers, vendors and advisers for any action, demand or claim (including legal fees and legal costs) derived from any breach by the User of this agreement; including, without limitation, any of those derived from:

  • Any aspect related to the use of the website www.Fair-supply.com.
  • The information contained or available on or through said Site or of insults, defamation or any other conduct in violation of this contract by the User in the use of the indicated Website.
  • The violation of applicable laws or international treaties relating to copyright or intellectual property, contained or available on, or through said Website.



If any provision established in these Terms and Conditions is illegal, null or impossible to execute in any jurisdiction, it will not affect: (i) the legality, validity or exercise in said jurisdiction of any other provision of this agreement; or (ii) the legality, validity or exercise in any other jurisdiction of said or any other provision of this agreement.

Fair Supply may not exercise any of the rights and powers conferred in this document, which will not imply in any case the waiver of them, unless expressly acknowledged by Fair Supply, or prescription of the action that corresponds to each case.

The headings of the clauses are incorporated into it only for convenience and for its better handling, so in no way will they be considered for the purposes of its interpretation, nor will they affect the obligations contained therein.

These Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Notice, as well as any modifications and / or legal notices that are published or communicated, from time to time, by Fair Supply through the Website, constitute the entire agreement between the User and Fair Supply in relation to the Services offered by Fair Supply through the Website.